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ATS is today the First Institute of Professional Training in Science and a reference point for all health professionals in Italy and among the leading institutions at the international level.

It contributes to the growth of professionals by allowing them to intervene in specialist areas and deals with Interdisciplinary Studies in Applied Sciences and Neuroscience.

ATS, among the leading international companies, collaborates with research and performance centers such as CEP, Centre d’Expertise de la Performance in Dijon, France, the ECSS, European College of Sport Science, the European Registry for Fitness and Health Professionals, NSCA USA, and numerous International University Institutes. It is the largest and most respected organization for awarding certifications, education, and training and the most respected institute in the world specializing in health, wellness, and performance. It offers the best support, meetings, sharing events, courses, and training paths that will increase your cultural background and professional experience. It presents the most prominent online platform at the international level with over 200 active reference sites, and is the first resource in the scientific field, connecting university institutes and international providers, both public and private. Today, it represents a credible authority for professionals and centers specialized in health, fitness, wellness, and performance.

Founded in 2008 by Giacomo Catalani, ATS is now a network of thousands of qualified and connected health professionals.

“ATS uses science to decode and discover the sophisticated mechanisms of the human being to improve health, wellness, and performance. We choose the scientific method to analyze the phenomena we discover, as a true researcher should act without bias. We have been described as non-conformists because we have chosen to put even the elements that others define as obvious under the microscope. Our commitment stems from the need to share the extraordinary discoveries and knowledge we have collected.”

Giacomo Catalani


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We offer books and video courses made by the best professionals, teachers, and researchers at an international level. These are highly-accurate texts, structured to offer updated information according to an efficient logic of study.

ATS is today the First Professional Training Institute in the scientific field and a point of reference for all health professionals in Italy and among the leading entities at the international level.

It contributes to the growth of professionals by allowing their intervention in the specialized field, dealing with Interdisciplinary Studies in Applied Sciences and Neuroscience.


The ATS Institute operates in the health field for , improvement, and development of one’s intellectual and physical abilities as a lifestyle and philosophy.

Over the years, the professionals who have joined the ATS Team have poured their knowledge and techniques, collected over the course of decades of commitment and investment, into the organisation. They then become facilitators and mentors for those who decide to invest in themselves through each training day, which offer professional acceleration and a new perspective towards an innovative concept of health and wellness.


ATS training courses are conducted by the world’s leading experts in the technical and scientific field, updated and revised according to the latest studies.

Each training course provides an Official Certification with national validity. It is possible to obtain a degree of international value.