Excellent quality tools to build the future.

Books open the mind to discover new skills and patterns of thought while meeting characters with out of the ordinary stories and skills. The Group’s philosophy, based on continuous evolution, aims at transferring the qualitative, reliable, and professional information and knowledge necessary to generate insights, offering tips for rapid learning and the achievement of measurable results.

Biomechanics® Applied to Cycling

Road, Mountain Bike, Triathlon

The most scientifically up-to-date and comprehensive title for exploring the theory and practice of Biomechanics in Cycling.

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Physical Training in Women's Basketball

Conditioning and Prevention

A reference point in the evolution of “women’s” physical training, a fundamental feature of a professional approach.

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Anthropometric Evaluation

For Health and Performance

This book allows you to access the most up-to-date studies and scientific methods.

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Nutrition in the Extreme Environment

The Great Heat

A text for anyone who wants to access accurate technical information and the experience of top professionals.

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High Altitude and Polar Environment

This book is full of secrets, portraying the habits of adventurers who have experienced the extreme conditions of high altitude and polar environments.

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Video Analysis and Movement

This book is the introductory study text for all Certified Operators with the Biomechanics® Professional Course.

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Strength Training

For Sports

An outstanding work: the world’s most comprehensive and up-to-date reference text for learning Strength Training.

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Corrective Exercise®

Therapy, Health, and Performance

Each page of this book represents the imprint of a path that leads to invaluable knowledge.

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Functional Exercise®

Maximum Performance

Functional Exercise® is designed for athletes, researchers, and health and exercise science professionals.

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Functional Nutrition®

Nutrition and Human Motion

A work based on detailed and valid scientific data to show how the human body and health coexist.

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Sports Massage®

Principles and Fascial Techniques

An accurate summary of the most reliable techniques in sports massage, including Fascial Techniques.

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Postural Gymnastics®

Scientific Method

Based on the most reliable and up-to-date scientific research in human motion science.

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Complementary Medicines

The first book in Italy to illustrates the benefits of Cupping® and the correct application techniques.

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Moxibustion® is a type of oriental medicine. It is a painless, pleasant, and relaxing treatment.

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Manual Muscle Tests

Rehabilitation, Health, Sport

A health professional conducts a fundamental part of the process of the investigation of the human body.

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Elastic Taping®

Fundamental Manual

Explores the in-depth the principles behind the proper application of Elastic Taping®, outlining the benefits of this extraordinary complementary treatment.

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Applications in Sport Vol. 1

A practical handbook which demonstrates the strategies and trajectories of Elastic Taping® for football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, cycling, swimming, combat sports, and rugby.

Elastic Taping

Applications in Kinesiology

A complete and essential compendium of the fundamental principles and proper applications of Elastic Taping® in kinesiology, with results.

Elastic Taping

Lymphatic Drainage Applications

The book is a straightforward, definitive reference dedicated to lymphatic drainage applications, developed thanks to the official Elastic Taping® method.

Coordinabolico Method®

An extraordinarily comprehensive and readable manual dedicated to all physical trainers, coaches, and athletes who wish to maximize performance.

Human Motion Science

Science in Dance

Physical Training

A reference text for physical trainers, physiotherapists, technicians, and clinicians concerned with the performance and health of dancers.

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Grid Method

Physical Training Innovation

This book is for all teachers, educators, health and human movement professionals, and caring parents.

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A text that every Tennis enthusiast, trainer, coach, and a player should read all the way through.

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Champion of Italy

The story of the success of the Piacenza Calcio Under 15 team, which won the title of Champion of Italy for the first time in its history.

100 Talk Shows

Mentors and Professionals

For thousands of years, we have been explorers in a land we continue to discover. New perspectives led to discoveries.


Assertive Communication

Respect without disregarding

In this extraordinary book, Alessandro Ferrari has collected all the most essential concepts of effective communication.

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Transform your thinking

Lateral Thinking

Controlling your mind is the difference between growing and dying. This book is for those who do not wish to simply survive, but to be the masters of their change.

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Psychogenetic Factor

This extraordinary book outlines the scientific discovery of a specific gene, the dopamine D4 receptor, in its variant DRD4-7-7R.

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Freedom, Time, Wealth

Tools, Techniques, and Strategies

Every strategy in these pages resulted from experience based on application and analysis. They are the fruit of years of work.

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Coronavirus Economics

Strategies and Levers of Advantage

This book was published in the mist of mass media confusion, fear, and terror regarding the great invasion.

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The Man Behind the Scientist

Each chapter of this book is an artwork. The pages are tinged with energy, dynamism, and imagination.

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Audacity Change the World

The must-read book on Leadership. Robert Jhonson understands perfectly what it takes to be a Leader.

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5 Business Pillars

Distinguish Not to Extinguish

Behind the most accomplished, successful, and famous people, someone special is always in the shadow in the background.

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Wolves Pack System

Behavioral science is applied to teams and companies for the improvement of personal and behavioral performance.

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Carlo and the magic feet

Once upon a time

Communication allows us to stimulate and unleash our potential and that of others. This is a picture book for children.

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