“Sometimes the intuition of an instant encloses a lifetime of experiences”. Thus, in 2008, from the intuition and creativity of Giacomo Catalani, an enterprise began that day after day has imprinted millions of pages, giving rise to a network of contacts between professionals, authors, scientists and assiduous researchers, offering revolutionary content.

A compelling, exciting, and inspirational story based on the search for the unexplored and encounters with brilliant talents. Giacomo Catalani Editore has skilfully gathered unprecedented knowledge regarding the ancestral and foundational mechanisms of success and how these align with personal values. By anticipating doubts, passion, and curiosity, paired with a mental attitude trained to recognize value, he has oriented his investments to realize disruptive projects of significant impact. Analyzing the needs of the sectors in which it operates, it has identified the need for professional and prepared competitors, which over time has developed. It has subverted the schemes and stimulated a valid intellectual ferment aimed at stimulating a demanding clientele. Inspired by a world full of opportunities, the holding company’s model questions even the obvious, aiming to create new scenarios, promote culture, and nurture personal intellectual charisma through the desire for discovery.


The book Trasforma il Tuo Pensiero (Transform Your Mind) still represents the textual basis of how every Giacomo Catalani Editore Group project is thought through, outlined, and realized.

It is a conceptual, idealistic, and energetic trigger sparked by the transposition of a sporty and discipline-loving attitude, with ancestral charm that can trigger a path towards improvement in each person.


Nowadays, communication plays a fundamental role in the planning and development phases of a personal or professional growth project.

Our contribution is aimed at those who wish to learn the skills and processes necessary to design a strategic action plan to optimize investment and achieve the best results.


The Book is a timeless tool through which to pass on knowledge.

Often referred to as, “invisible actors of change,” books have the power to transform ideas, open new horizons and create an opportunity, all in the reader’s hands. Books, defensive weapons against human misery and ignorance, are products we love to craft, with deep passion and respect. This starts with a meticulous analysis of content and authors. Books can also represent the triggering elements of the development processes for the disruptive projects carried out by Giacomo Catalani Editore.


The Group’s attitude to leadership is nurtured by a competitive spirit, which finds its origins in sport and Kaizen, as a philosophy of perpetual improvement.

The experience and intervention of the Bests  feeds the original tendency to want to understand the mechanisms that underlie the achievement of results, offering the stimulus to create moments of encounter with vibrant and brilliant minds whose intellectual input has given rise to numerous project authors. This is appreciated by those who understand the value of details as determining elements for achieving great goals.


The central role of different niches and the development of innovative projects in the editorial field has garnered significant attention in many areas.

For his commitment to the field of popularization and his ability to revolutionize and nurture the health sector with charisma and extroversion as part of the ATS department, Giacomo Catalani received the Italian Health Award in 2018. It was awarded at a prestigious event for which he was subsequently involved in 2019 as a member of the Scientific Committee.


Influencing over 300 talk shows in different niches, documentaries, and educational videos, Giacomo Catalani Editore has been a pioneer in the process of editorial renewal as an educational video maker.

His strong ability to reformulate past formats through an active and charismatic interpretation have made the educational works presented by the Group in different sectors famous. In 2019, Giacomo Catalani received the Cinema and Industry Award, presented at the Venice Film Festival event. This was achieved thanks to exceptional teamwork and a season of outstanding professional commitment.

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The prevention, improvement, and development of intellectual and physical abilities as a lifestyle and a philosophy of life.


A strategic, forward-looking vision that drives the transformation of an industry. With a comprehensive perspective, Giacomo Catalani Editore has set new standards and disintegrated the status quo.


To communicate high-value knowledge by providing an independent and intellectually-stimulating environment. Fostering rigor, precision, and discipline in the service of collective growth.


Innovation is in our DNA. We believe in innovation as a disruptive element in the design process.


We never take training and information lightly. The Group’s strategy is designed to provide the fastest and most incisive communication rules.


Creative, Stimulating, and Strategic, are the characteristics of the Group Headquarters. All functions are optimized in the spacious registration rooms, offices, and warehouse.