Creative, Stimulating, and Strategic: these are the characteristics of the Group Headquarters. All functions are optimized in the our spacious registration rooms, offices, and warehouse.

Since 2014, the Group’s headquarters facility has been located in the historical heart of Arezzo. The spaces have been formulated to accommodate two large recording rooms for all production needs, a warehouse, and cozy administrative, sales and creative-development offices. This strategic central position in Italy has made the Giacomo Catalani Editore headquarters an environment of excellence. It is the base for the production of hundreds of Talk Shows and educational videos made with many of the major Authors, Speakers, and Professionals from all over the country and the globe.


Dialogue is a formula for extracting strategy, understanding, and growth.

In Italy, Giacomo Catalani pioneered educational dialogues in a series of over 250 episodes that offer conceptual insights, information, strategies, tactics, and techniques for human improvement and goal achievement. Thus, the office is equipped with a recording room dedicated to the production of  Talk Shows.


We offer spaces dedicated to movement, practice, and virtual reality.

With the desire to reduce the distance from its customers, improve and accelerate learning processes and maintain a profound continuity with sophisticated technological projects, Giacomo Catalani Editore has dedicated a multifunctional recording space to the practice and use of the latest generation of virtual animation.


The Group views publishing as the minimalist concentration of art and precision, a field of development in which creativity, rigor, and method are fused.

The icon is a form of communication full of meaning and intellectual refinement.
The image, the cover and the photograph, are distinctive elements in every department of the publishing house. The shot, drawing, font, and graphic design are part of a reasoned and content-rich semantic process.


We have a dedication to excellence and attention to detail.

The cultural background and the procedures derived from this, together with internal training and practical experience rich, represent an excellent opportunity for growth for all the professionals working within the Group, united by a precise orientation towards achieving objectives.

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A revolutionary story turns the rules upside down: a conceptual, idealistic, and energetic trigger sparked by the transposition of a sporty and discipline-loving nature.


A strategic, forward-looking vision that drives the transformation of an industry. With a comprehensive perspective, Giacomo Catalani Editore has set new standards and disintegrated the status quo.


To communicate high-value knowledge by providing an independent and intellectually-stimulating environment. Fostering rigor, precision, and discipline in the service of collective growth.


Innovation is in our DNA. We believe in innovation as a disruptive element in the design process.


We never take training and information lightly. The Group’s strategy is designed to provide the fastest and most incisive communication rules.


The prevention, improvement, and development of intellectual and physical abilities as a lifestyle and a philosophy of life.