Audacity, Charisma, Style and Knowledge.

The forefront of an innovative publishing concept, the Giacomo Catalani Editore Group, creates transformational products and experiences, characterized by a powerful inspirational capacity. Values, Vision, and Mission follow a single matrix of responsibility capable of sustaining the massive commitment and effort that over time have allowed us to position ourselves at the top of numerous international contexts and to develop a fluid, streamlined and dynamic growth strategy. The endless search for knowledge guides the significant will of the Group to contribute to collective growth and sharing preserved knowledge.


The Prevention, improvement, and development of intellectual and physical abilities as a lifestyle a philosophy of life.


A revolutionary story turns the rules upside down: a conceptual, idealistic, and energetic trigger sparked by the transposition of a sporty and discipline-loving nature.


We never take training and information lightly. The Group’s strategy is designed to provide the fastest and most incisive communication rules.


A strategic, forward-looking vision that drives the transformation of an industry. With a comprehensive perspective, Giacomo Catalani Editore has set new standards and disintegrated the status quo.


To communicate high-value knowledge by providing an independent and intellectually-stimulating environment. Fostering rigor, precision, and discipline in the service of collective growth.


Innovation is in our DNA. We believe in innovation as a disruptive element in the design process.