The world’s most sophisticated platform for studying the Science of Human Movement and Sport for Performance, Prevention, Recovery, and Health.

Ingenious and Revolutionary

The world’s first streaming educational platform dedicated to Sport Science, born out of determination, tenacity, and a constant search for excellence. At the center, it is based on the talent and professionalism of the best specialists in the world

Technology, Science ad Education

Access the most up-to-date and reliable scientific content presented by the world’s best Doctors, Researchers, and Professionals.

A Technological, Sophisticated and Up-to-Date Educational Environment

The highest level of innovation in the industry. It does not just distribute content. It offers pathways to professional growth and a better way to study and connect with professionals on the international scene.

3D Human Anatomy Platform Included

FIRST OF ITS KIND is the world’s most sophisticated platform to study Movement and Sport Science for Performance, Prevention, Recovery, and Health.


It exceeds expectations, surprises and offers structured content and access modes.

The most innovative dynamics to accelerate content study, together with the value of the highest professional training available. This project was born to be global, offering the highest value content at an international level and with professionals from all over the world. As well as in Italian, it is available in English and multilingual versions.

GLOBAL was born to be global.

Over 20,000 people attended the launch event. As the creators of this great project, represents our living changes. A technological meeting point where you can learn, study, and deepen your understanding of information with the best professionals in the world. A unique environment to learn, update, connect and refer to.


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Sport is the world's most sophisticated platform for studying Movement and Sport Science for Performance, Prevention, Recovery, and Health.