The most modern technologies make processes more effective, improve results and provide top-notch quality.


Our independent and professional use of information technology allows us to communicate, connect to customers and partners, optimize processes, and create trends.

The strength of the Group, from the analysis of needs to the identification of technological components suitable for achieving results, has been expressed in the development of an IT hub capable of tailoring the most innovative tools that today represent the style, design, and identity of Giacomo Catalani Editore.

The field of technology, in all its forms, includes the sciences and all human activities. The Giacomo Catalani Editore project, triggered at the dawn of the current technocracy movement, has adapted its process and communication mechanisms, always maintaining a highly preponderant human profile by using the fastest and most efficient concepts available. Aware that matter, paper, and encounter are indelible elements in handing down information and generating a robust exchange, the development and use of the most sophisticated mechanisms of information technology have led to the creation of numerous innovative platforms, which, in connection with foresight, have defined our disruptive and distinctive role.