Video Courses

Proximity and Omnichannel tailored to our customers.

The Group’s founding values and innovative capacity have been utilised in creating the most sophisticated streaming platforms in the world. Among the first pure players in Italy to develop integrated communication projects using the most modern and functional technologies, the Group has determined a new quality standard in the cohesion between paper and virtual products in various niches. The video courses are part of a process in which the protagonist is always the customer.

Training Periodization

in Physical Training

This video course represents a cornerstone in the technical and scientific training of any Physical Trainer who aspires to become a Professional.

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Integrative and Functional Nutrition

Food Supplements

This is the branch of Functional Nutrition® that clearly explains the advantages of taking specific supplements.

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Speed Training

Technical-Scientific Training

The most explicit and direct summary of the theory and practice of Speed, Quickness, and Agility Training.

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Anthropometric Evaluation

Body Composition

Anthropometric evaluation is the discipline that studies body composition quantitatively and qualitatively.

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Methodology and Training Schedule

Innovation in Performance

This video course presents the principles that form the basis of correct training and the construction of training sheets.

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Strength Training

Performance Tools

The most complete and up-to-date Video Course on Strength Training worldwide, led by one of the most authoritative and prepared trainers.

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Squats, Press and Pulls

Weight Training for Preparation

This video course encompasses professional information, scientific references, and all the experience of Antonio Squillante, one of the leading specialists in exercise physiology.

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Functional Nutrition®

Nutrition and Exercise

Get accurate information on the key points that allow you to produce tangible results, finding scientific answers to the most common issues.

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Human Movement Video Analysis

With this video course, you will study the mechanics of the musculoskeletal system from a discipline-specific perspective.

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Postural Gymnastics®

Scientific Method

The most advanced training for qualifying professionally as a Postural Gymnastics® scientific method instructor.

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Elastic Taping®

Posture, Re-education, Health

This video course presents the principles and techniques of Elastic Taping® application. You will understand when and why to apply it, and the methodology of the format.

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Sports Massage®

Principles and Fascial Techniques

Sports Massage is the result of a combination of kinesiological, pedagogical, and manual approaches.

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Cupping Therapy

Complementary Medicines

You will learn the theoretical principles and techniques to treat the most common musculoskeletal disorders with cupping therapy.

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Complementary Medicine

This video course will guide you in learning the principles and techniques of moxibustion application.

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Fascial and Energetic Techniques

With this video course, you will learn about gua sha and fully understand the scientific validity of this treatment.

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Functional Exercise®

Scientific Response

The logic of Biomechanics applied to movement, aimed at maximizing performance.

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Corrective Exercise®

Posture, Health and Performance

The first significant work to present the principles behind Corrective Exercise®, a potent tool.

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Corrective Exercise®

Real-World Cases

This webinar presents 10 real-world cases through which you will learn how to program and evaluate with corrective exercise®.

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Corrective Exercise®

Walk Analysis

Walk Assessment provides a correlation between Analytical Tests and a person’s Global Movement.

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Corrective Exercise®

Technical Exercises

A short video reserved for practitioners who have already earned the Corrective Exercise® Specialist Certification. Qualify Now.

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Sports Video Analysis

Performance Tools

Video analysis is increasingly used in sports and allows you to gather accurate and valuable information.

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Pregnancy Gymnastics

Scientific Approach

The most up-to-date and comprehensive guide to learning the correct indications of pregnancy, from scientific research to practice.

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Lab Tests

Scientific Interpretations

The Laboratory Tests Video Course is a tool dedicated to Health Professionals and the most attentive and prepared Users.

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Scientific Update

Innovative Tools and Methods

You will learn the most up-to-date information on how to use databases and the latest scientific studies.

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Myofascial Release

Principles and useful information

Luca Russo will guide you through learning the principles, characteristics, and valuable techniques of myofascial self-relaxation.

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Human Motion Science

Grid Method

Innovation in Physical Education

This video course is aimed at all teachers, educators, health professionals, human movement physicians, and the most attentive parents.

Database Management


This innovative streaming video course will explain how to optimize your time and work professionally.

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Freedom, Time, Wealth

Tools, Techniques, and Strategies

Unlock your potential, let go of the system, and take control of your life for good. Experiential training teaches you to use your potential to live the life you want.

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Hero Camp

Mission Mexico

This training documentary help people live extraordinary lives. Dan Dan Bogiatto is an Entrepreneur, Trainer, Speaker, Influencer, and Co-Founder of Tribeke.

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Wolves Pack System

PackSystem is the world’s first system to use a behavioral approach to identify the constituent elements of a business organization.

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Assertive Communication

How to Manage Conflicts

Alessandro Ferrari has trained thousands of people throughout Italy with his highly successful roadshow on assertive communication. Learn to be respected on every occasion without being disregarded.

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