A new generation publishing house. The Vision of Giacomo Catalani Editore Group is integrated with the communication and research criteria that are currently more intelligent, creative, selective, and effective.

Strategic processes achieve maximum impact on products, services and training. We create platforms dedicated to spreading a distinct message to a niche group of users, requiring a strategic study, accurate planning, and an influential network. We publish books, eBooks, and video courses. We promote cultural events, training, editorial presentations, and specialized conferences in various areas of personal and professional growth. We create and manage one of the largest networks of sites in continuous development, connecting the needs and the offers of group companies and users. The vision of Giacomo Catalani Editore has a vast horizon and a far-sighted perspective. Long-term planning and the need to transfer unprecedented knowledge support an atypical and charismatic virtuosity, whose goal has generated a significant impact in various sectors. Following precise planning, we are preparing to present significant innovations.


We support professionals, researchers, authors, and companies, on a pathway of unprecedented meritocratic growth.

Through a precise and strategic editorial plan, we connect interested users every day and satisfy our customers. Questioning even the obvious with a strong ability in strategic problem solving, Giacomo Catalani Editore Group pursues a theory that transcends the product and experiments with new flows, challenging preconceptions and destroying conventions.


Winning, realizing oneself, expressing one’s talent and inner potential, and knowing the refined biological mechanisms that mark time and our decisions are deeply-related concepts.

Ambition and virtuosity have always inspired our choices and actions. The constant analysis of the present moment, together with the desire to be present in the here and now and lead change without being overwhelmed by it, gives us a clear vision of what we are living and how we can achieve the best results.


Attention to detail is an essential condition and the signature of each of our projects.

The deep transformation in which we are involved defines the evolutionary cycle of our times. Only through awareness and outlining our own intellectual identity we will be free to choose and seize the best of our future.


Our intervention goes far beyond a canonical interpretation of publishing and communication more generally.

Our Group’s unique mission is expressed in the transfer of knowledge of which we are the custodians. We use publishing in all its most up-to-date forms to express the intellectual nature of the work we did before we were founded.


We believe in disruptive knowledge. Our approach to this lays the foundation for total personal freedom.

“Learn about everything. Become free to know.” You might often read this phrase in the pages of our network: it defines the way Giacomo Catalani Editore approaches knowledge.


Protection starts with knowledge. The reinterpretation of the past and the present with complete information makes it possible to build a better, more satisfying, and rewarding future.

Prevention begins with awareness and action. We support and promote a culture free of preconceptions but open to observation and proactive listening. We select authoritative sources for the best experience and results.

We live in one of the most challenging moments of our generation. It is an era of paradoxes: so much information comes with more and more risks. The adversity of this era is represented by a string of deadly antitheses that suppress the critical capacity of most people, stunned by a rush of dopaminergic stimuli voluntarily oriented to alter the orbitofrontal cortex and decision-making processes. Yin and yang, good and evil. All are part of one inseparable entity. It is crucial to be able to recognize false mentors, false information, and false hopes.

Giacomo Catalani

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A revolutionary story turns the rules upside down: a conceptual, idealistic, and energetic trigger sparked by the transposition of a sporty and discipline-loving nature.


To communicate high-value knowledge by providing an independent and intellectually-stimulating environment. Fostering rigor, precision, and discipline in the service of collective growth.


The prevention, improvement, and development of intellectual and physical abilities as a lifestyle and a philosophy of life.


Innovation is in our DNA. We believe in innovation as a disruptive element in the design process.


We never take training and information lightly. The Group’s strategy is designed to provide the fastest and most incisive communication rules.


Creative, Stimulating, and Strategic, are the characteristics of the Group Headquarters. All functions are optimized in the spacious registration rooms, offices, and warehouse.