Precursor of a new era, the Giacomo Catalani Editore Group was born with the Mission of communicating high-value knowledge, offering and independent and intellectually stimulating environment.

The sacredness of respect for others and the attention we pay during each interaction makes who is choosing to learn the protagonist. A wise and commendable choice that not many people make in life. Those are people we love to know because they are our peers: tireless researchers, intellectuals, curious, and passionate about life. Regardless of beliefs and philosophies, omnivores and vegans, yogis, adventurers, and extreme sportspeople each have a decision, a mission, and a goal. We believe in prevention, improvement, development of one’s intellectual and physical abilities as a style and philosophy of life.


The Giacomo Catalani Editore Group has never been predisposed to accepting information passively.

The charisma and expression that represents our every action today is built on intellectual independence and the acceptance of complexity as a critical element of understanding. We believe in constructive cultural debate and in sharing information with those who seek it.


Discipline is a Decision. As such, it requires eliminating the superfluous to select the amount of meaning in one’s mission.

Discipline is the solid base on which great projects are erected. It includes reliability, precision, punctuality, and the development of long-term plans: indispensable factors on which we build our path.


Talent is a multifactorial synthesis.

It is impossible to define how it is distributed. We can, however, recognize how to encourage it to emerge through stimuli. Few things in life have the same power as the expression of talent. With determination and discipline, talent is how we express ourselves in our Group.


Doubts, passion, and curiosity are the fundamental elements that guide a truthful research path.

We can identify the essence of research in those who daily renew their vocation, and this is the thread that has led us to collaborate with the best professionals in the world. Never limited to theory, the Research is in our DNA.


Striving for excellence is our style.

Dialogue as a way of extracting the strategy to excel. Research as an attitude to discover revolutionary factors. Sharing to generate a significant cultural impact. Excellence is our choice for life.


Doubts, passion, and curiosity are the fundamental elements that guide a truthful research path.
Our ideology and worldview are based on the value of information which leads us to share our discoveries with those who desire to know and understand.

As opposed to anthropological degradation, the individual ascent passes through a personal choice: difficult, complex, insidious, and often limited by access to knowledge. The Giacomo Catalani Editore Group offers a gateway to those who, like us, consciously choose and decide to take the road towards improvement.


Alliance, respect, honour, and merit. This is our identity as the Collective.

Sharing values, mutual respect, and an agreed line of conduct towards our set goals, the Team is the Group’s strength. Our people are the most powerful asset in which we invest.


The unwritten rules of the competition are present in every area of life and are a physiological part of being human.

The sooner we accept this, the sooner we can understand how to interact with nature’s challenges for a better collective and individual future. We accept challenges with the responsibility of maintaining a systemic ecology, and always with respect for life.

In conjunction with the constant growth, the Group has evolved as a system of business procedures, now the subject of attention and business study, aware that it is necessary to coordinate to achieve remarkable goals, mainly when operating with a large and geographically dispersed team. Values are the solid foundations on which we have designed all our actions.

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Everything we do, is about Freedom.


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A revolutionary story turns the rules upside down: a conceptual, idealistic, and energetic trigger sparked by the transposition of a sporty and discipline-loving nature.


A strategic, forward-looking vision that drives the transformation of an industry. With a comprehensive perspective, Giacomo Catalani Editore has set new standards and disintegrated the status quo.


To communicate high-value knowledge by providing an independent and intellectually-stimulating environment. Fostering rigor, precision, and discipline in the service of collective growth.


Innovation is in our DNA. We believe in innovation as a disruptive element in the design process.


We never take training and information lightly. The Group’s strategy is designed to provide the fastest and most incisive communication rules.


Creative, Stimulating, and Strategic, are the characteristics of the Group Headquarters. All functions are optimized in the spacious registration rooms, offices, and warehouse.