Business, Cultural, Personal and Corporate Transformation.

NeuroPeople® is a Department of Giacomo Catalani Editore that presents an innovative editorial series, seminars, courses, summits, technological support, and strategic consulting services. Never before has communication played such a fundamental role in the planning and development of a project for both personal and professional growth. Our platform is aimed at those who wish to access the skills, processes, and tools needed to structure a strategic action plan to optimize investment and achieve the best results. NeuroPeople® developed many of the most up-to-date and effective software solutions, graphics, virtual 3D, expanded reality, and video productions.

Business Culture

Authors, Professionals, and Businesses. Culture really matters.

The most significant difficulty that professionals and companies encounter is identifying the tools needed to set up or implement their business. Our intervention allows you to identify your stages of growth, priorities, and needs in advance to build a network of customers and consolidate your business. In assisting professionals in learning and updating their skills, we provide significant content to enable them to evolve culturally and develop their ideas successfully.

A Mechanism of precision for the real goals

Integrated Communication. An enhanced supply chain.

The change we are experiencing is impressive for many reasons. The crisis is a logical consequence of this massive transformation. Selling in a borderless market has many merits and can offer enormous benefits. At the same time, it requires specific skills. Anyone entering the business world should know the strategies related to sales processes. From starting with an analysis of the current condition to designing the most efficient actions for the best, fastest and free professional growth.

Strategic communication

The outcome of communication lies in the response you get.

NeuroPeople® caters to attentive clients: ready outsiders looking for reliable information and impactful solutions. Characterized by a resolute, quick, and functional profile, the technological and consulting interventions of the Department are aimed at companies with a technical background and a defined objective. The books are for sagacious readers, questioning preconceptions with a strong propensity for freedom of thought.


Books, Video Courses and editorial supports tailored to communicate with the right audiences. Discover our successful case histories.


Events and Conferences with Top Players an international level.


Strategic and Technical Consulting, from an action plan to the most up-to-date techniques for achieving goals.


Technological support, software development, data implementation and innovative solutions. Video Production, Graphics, 3d Virtual Reality and APP.

NeuroPeople® is a central pivot in the development of the Group’s innovation. The constant cyclical evolution of the world is the change. NeuroPeople® is the dynamic, talented, and eclectic Department that allows you to run with a lead.

Giacomo Catalani